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Apr 11, 2023

9 Best Car Accessories To Beat the Heat

9 Best Car Accessories To Beat The Heat: Due to global warming, every summer

9 Best Car Accessories To Beat The Heat: Due to global warming, every summer season becomes more unbearable than the previous one. People find it quite challenging to get by during the summer, especially if they drive a car every day in the sweltering heat.

It falls on you to take additional care of your car during this time of year and make sure it is in good working order before you get behind the wheel. If you don't pay attention, rising temperatures and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can have a negative impact on your vehicle's overall performance, eventually leading to problems. Heat can also have a negative impact on you; therefore, it's necessary to prepare for the summer. There are numerous car accessories that can offer some cooling comfort.

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Keep your car cool this summer with the help of these important car accessories.

This electric car fan is designed to be easy to install using the accompanying suction cups, and its 360-degree rotatable feature allows you to direct the airflow exactly where you need it most. The fan's double-head design circulates cool air throughout the entire vehicle.

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This car fan is composed of strong, high-quality materials that can survive regular use. Low power consumption from this 12V fan ensures that it won't drain your car's battery while in use. For a variety of vehicle types, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and more, this car air cooling fan is ideal. Woschmann Car Fan Price: Rs. 629

Looking for a car accessory that can cool down your vehicle's temperature? Then take a look at this 24-litre portable beverage cooler for cars from Black + Decker. This modern appliance can be operated by a 12V DC or a 220V AC source. It may be plugged into the cigarette lighter sockets in vehicles. The Peltier cooling system is included with this car cooler. For warming and cooling, it has green and red LED lights.

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To make things even more convenient, this rugged refrigerator features three zippered pockets. These pockets include plugs and adaptors for power sources. They can also be used to store valuable items. This portable automotive car cooler has a wider handlebar that makes it easier to carry. Black+Decker Car Cooler Price: Rs. 10,899

Philips brings you this automotive air purifier in metallic black. This car purifier can filter the air in your vehicle in less than a minute with a clean air delivery rate of 16m3/hour for PM 2.5. With this product, hazardous gaseous compounds are removed from your car.

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This Philips automotive air purifier automatically switches on and off with your automobile engine ignition to help you maintain your concentration while driving. Depending on your desire, you can change the power button's sensitivity to change the fan's 2-speed setting. It includes a 13-foot 12-volt power cord that enables you to put the air purifier anywhere in your car. Philips Car Air Purifier Price: Rs. 8,590

This car seat cushion cover is made with the ideal ratio of high-density foam and cooling gel. The car cushion is incredibly comfortable to sit on while driving thanks to its outstanding design and premium gel. The GELRIDE gel car seat cushion has a U-shaped cutout for ergonomic design. The seat cushion's design improves sciatica, lower back discomfort, and pain in the tailbone.

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All sorts of cars can use this universal car seat cushion. It looks classy and goes well with the interior of the car. GELRIDE gel car seat cushions come with a removable, washable outer cover. With an anti-skid bottom, the cushion stays in one place. GELRIDE Car Seat Cushion Cover Price: Rs. 1,899

Getting ahead on the list of best summer car accessories, the next product is Godrej Aer Twist, a car air freshener. Its gel-based fragrance makes Aer Twist spill-proof, allowing you to take on bumpy roads head-on.

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The thoughtfully designed easy twist mechanism enables you to turn it on/off with a simple twist. Godrej's clever gel technology ensures that you get the same and consistent fragrance up to the last day. It ensures minimum evaporation, extending its life for up to 60 days. Godrej Car Freshener Price: Rs. 327

Elegant brings you car seat cushions with high-density foam padding to provide extra cushioning and leather touch soft fabric that keeps you dry and sweat-free. So, no more wet, squishy feeling to keep you tranquil and happy even on long car journeys.

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The classic quilt pattern is designed to add grace to your car's interior. These cushions are washable and easy to remove. Elegant Car Seat Cushion Price: Rs. 1,970

Nikavi Steering Wheel Cover is made of microfiber Pu leather with an anti-slip matte finish, ensuring the perfect grip of the driver over the car steering wheel. This steering wheel cover gives perfect control on the road. Nikavi Steering Cover fits perfectly on most car steering wheels, from small to medium-sized cars.

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If the outside of your car steering wheel is 14-15 inches, then the Nikavi Steering Wheel Cover will be the best for your car steering wheel. The cover is heat-resistant, cold-resistant and wear-resistant, so there is no doubt it will protect your steering wheel for a time. Nikavi Steering Wheel Cover Price: Rs. 520

To satisfy your varied savings demands and facilitate travel, the PROODOS car boot organizer is roomy enough to store food, toys, sporting goods, literature, etc. It neatly folds away when not in use and can be adjusted in size to fit either large or small vehicle spaces.

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The car trunk organizer is constructed from durable, high-quality materials and has additional stitching for prolonged use. It has a non-slip velcro bottom, which effectively holds the vehicle bag to keep it in place by allowing the car floor to act as a holding surface. PROODOS Car Boot Organizer Price: Rs. 697

Unlike mesh and velvet covers, this Neck Support's outer cover is constructed of a smooth, anti-sweat fabric that has good ventilation, giving it a nice and sensual feel while preventing skin irritation and heat and humidity buildup. With the zipper, you can remove and wash it, which is much better than the leather fabric.

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Its height can be changed to meet your needs; you can move it upward or downward. For persons who sit for extended periods of time, the headrest can be employed in a number of settings (car seat, long, high-back office chairs with headrests, gaming seats, etc.) Grin Health Neck Support Pillow Price: Rs. 1,349

Explore more about the 9 best car accessories to beat the heat here.

The popular summer car accessories are:

Electric car fan

Car beverage cooler

Air purifier

Gel car seat cushion cover

Car air freshener

You can follow these tips to keep your car cool in the summer:

Parking your car in the shade, routinely washing and waxing it, and so forth.

Some accessories also shield your car against deterioration. For instance, when you buy a car seat cover to shield your seats.

Some examples of the free accessories in the car are:

Service and maintenance

Preventative maintenance service (PMS) vouchers

Rust protection

Fabric protection

An extra pair of keys

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