Protect Your Air Quality with Our ‘Best Portable’ Tested Amazon Air Purifier


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Jun 13, 2023

Protect Your Air Quality with Our ‘Best Portable’ Tested Amazon Air Purifier

Prime members can grab it for only $46. We independently evaluate all

Prime members can grab it for only $46.

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Better Homes & Gardens / Daisy Rodriguez

Are you concerned about air quality? Our outdoor air quality is currently taking a hit due to an influx of wildfire smoke, but before you close the windows and ramp up the AC, it's important to note that, statistically, indoor air quality can be even worse. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it's particularly important to monitor indoor smoke levels in poorly ventilated areas. However, even if you live in a well-ventilated home, air purifiers help with dust, pet hair and dander, allergens, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), too.

Whether you’re currently under an air quality alert or just want to be more prepared in the future, the proper air purifier is key to maintaining your household's overall wellbeing.

Based on our testing, the Koios Air Purifier came out on top as the "Best Portable" option. Thankfully, it's currently on sale at Amazon for $46 for Prime members only.

"Wildfire smoke can enter your home and make the air unhealthy to breathe," says Dr. John McKeon, indoor air quality expert and CEO of Allergy Standards Ltd. "If you don't have an HVAC system with a high-efficiency filter installed in your home, then a portable air cleaner or air purifier is recommended as an approach to remove fine particles from the air and reduce your exposure to harmful pollution during a wildfire smoke event."


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Now more affordable than ever, our tests found that while the Koios Air Purifier may be tiny (it's only 6.3 x 6.3 x 10 inches and barely 3 pounds, after all!), it packs a heavy punch. Lightweight and compact, it easily fits into a corner, behind a couch, or in other narrow spaces where it can stay out of sight. Especially with its barely-detectable quiet mode, it's easy to forget about and since it's not noisy, you’ll hardly notice it's there. Even its "normal mode" is pretty quiet, so you’ll never have to worry about it buzzing through a conversation or humming louder than your TV.

According to our testing, the indoor air quality went from a hazardous level to a 4.9 (considered "good" for everyone, including sensitive individuals) within 10 minutes of running it on the low (or quiet) mode. The high mode was even quicker, bringing the air quality to moderate levels within five minutes and a good, safe level within 10.

"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses a color system called the Air Quality Index (AQI) to measure air quality," Dr. McKeon explains to Better Homes & Gardens. "Green indicates good air quality, while yellow shows increased air pollution. Orange or an AQI value of 101 or more indicates an unhealthy level for sensitive groups, including people with asthma or allergies."

It tested well with eradicating volatile organic compounds, too, significantly lowering the levels of VOCs in our test space in as little as five minutes. These VOCs can come from just about anything in the home, including aerosol sprays, cleaning products, paints and solvents, wood preservatives, and more.

While it's pretty straightforward when it comes to functionality, it's a great option for any small spaces up to 600 square feet, be it a bedroom, bathroom, or apartment. Inside, there is a pre-filter for capturing larger particles and absorbing odors and fumes. For a double dose of purifying, the Koios Air Purifier also contains an activated carbon filter that traps 99.97% of airborne contaminants. It also auto-monitors the indoor air quality through its own air sensor technology. When air quality drops, this tiny-but-mighty purifier gets to work, adjusting the fan speed appropriately.

Protect your indoor air quality with the portable and affordable Koios Air Purifier, now marked down to $46 for Amazon Prime members. If you are still concerned about air quality, you can also track it through, which provides updates on wildfires.

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