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May 08, 2023

Best Desktop Air Purifiers 2022: Reviews of Top Office, Desk Purifiers

By Jon Adams If you purchase an independently reviewed product

By Jon Adams

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Whether you’re working from home or back at the office, it's important to keep your workspace clean. However, this goes beyond just making sure your desk isn't covered in clutter; it's important to make sure you’re taking care of not only what you can see, but what you can't see as well.

This becomes even more important if you’ve returned to an in-person work setting; sharing space with others allows for many contaminants and germs that are invisible to the naked eye. Repeated exposure to contaminants and pollution can lead to the development of a range of chronic illness and other diseases, in addition to just making the act of working an overall negative experience. However, many of these threats can be warded off by investing in an air purifier.

The best desktop air purifiers remove contaminants, from the air through a circulating fan and filter. The fan pulls in the air in the room and then pushes it through the filter, where all of the pollutants are trapped before expelling the clean air back out into the room. Devices with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter help trap allergens and other contaminants, like mold and dust. Air purifiers that use carbon filters, meantime, can remove odors, gasses and other dense particles from the air, while some models can even help ward of viruses like influenza through UV-C light.

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The best air purifiers come with different filters and settings that allow them to eliminate multiple pollutants all at once. By consistently running your device and keeping up with the maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing the filter or filters, you can ensure the air in your workspace is as clean as possible.

There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the best desktop air purifier for you. Here's what you need to know.

Size: Desktop air purifiers come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. However, there are many compact options that can fit right on your desk without eating into critical space needed for work, while still allowing for plenty of coverage.

Filter: Certain filters can handle certain pollutants, but we recommend going with a device that is multi-purpose; it's just as important to ward off gases and any pungent odors as it is for allergens and other contaminants.

Interface: You don't want to buy a desktop air purifier that's going to confuse you on how to use it; invest in a device that's relatively easy to use with additional features to make the experience easier, like smartphone/tablet connectivity or automated settings and modes.

Maintenance: Look into how often the filters need to be replaced or if there's any additional cleaning that needs to be done for your potential device. Find an air purifier that's low-maintenance and won't break your wallet every couple of months.

Below is our list of the best desktop air purifiers that you can buy online right now. All of these portable air purifiers can be easily moved from room to room (or desk to desk) and promise to help keep your workspace free from harmful allergens and particles in the air.

LEVOIT has a wide range of effective air purifiers to choose from, but this model's compact size makes it the perfect accessory for your desk or workspace. This device is incredibly easy to use; you can easily cycle through the three different fan speeds, check the status of the filter, or power the device on and off just by pressing one button.

Pollen, dust, mold and other contaminants are no match for this device's three-stage filtration system and 360° VortexAir Technology. Best of all, it's not noisy either. We noticed a change in the air quality of our workspace pretty quickly, with less congestion, sneezing and distractions or unnecessary risks to your health.

While the Core Mini Air Purifier doesn't have a carbon filter, it can still ward off any pungent odors thanks to its aromatherapy feature. Simply drop in some essential oils and give your workspace a fresh scent to keep you motivated and happy while you work. Available in either white or black.

Buy LEVOIT Core Mini Air Purifier $42.95

This lightweight air purifier may appear small, but looks can be deceiving. The desktop purifier boasts a powerful three-stage HEPA filter with high-efficiency activated carbon, so that allergens and contaminants are removed from the air in your workspace as well as any odors. Everything, from fan speeds to timer settings and the device's nifty quiet mode, can be accessed via the touchscreen display; you won't need to keep consulting the manual or Google for answers on how to navigate its interface.

This purifier can easily be kept on a desk or nearby table in your office and workspace so you can focus on your responsibilities knowing the air you’re breathing is clean and contaminant-free.

Buy Potulas Mini Desktop Air Purifier $39.99

If you’re currently working in a hybrid set up this portable air purifier from Pure Enrichment is a great option. Weighing just one pound, it's small enough to fit in a standard car cup holder, and, outfitted with a nifty handle, you can easily transport it to the office and bring it back home with you.

Just because it's easy to transport, however, doesn't mean it's lacking in efficiency. On the contrary, this air purifier features a two-stage purification system: stage one activates its carbon pre-filter to tackle odors and gasses, while stage two activates its HEPA filter to suck up any allergens or other contaminants. You can choose between three different fan speeds (low, medium and high). This device is available in several different colors; we are particularly fond of ‘Starlight Blue.’

Buy Pure Enrichment Portable Air Purifier $39.99

This may resemble one of those old-school digital clocks more than what we envision an air purifier to look like, but what it may lack in a more stylish design it more than makes up for in efficiency. This device's HEPA filter can eliminate up to 99% of airborne particles, but that's not all; it also features an optional ionizer, meaning the ions it sends out can actually bind to things like airborne smoke, dust and pollen, making them larger. In other words, it can make these contaminants easier to trap and clean the air more efficiently. You can place this device either vertically or horizontally, making the question of, "Where on my desk should I place this?" a lot easier to answer.

Buy Holmes Desktop Air Purifier $29.87

Size: Filter: Interface: Maintenance: 1. LEVOIT Core Mini Air Purifier 2. Potulas Mini Desktop Air Purifier 3. Pure Enrichment Portable Air Purifier 4. Holmes Desktop Air Purifier