Kick off Summer With the Newly Released Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner PC100 and Others From AIRROBO


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Jun 08, 2023

Kick off Summer With the Newly Released Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner PC100 and Others From AIRROBO

HONG KONG, June 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- AIRROBO, the smart home appliance brand

HONG KONG, June 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- AIRROBO, the smart home appliance brand with a focus on AI-enabled technologies, supported by the world-leading AI and humanoid robotic company, UBTECH Robotics, is celebrating the upcoming summer holiday today by unveiling the Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner PC100 and announcing product discounts on and its online stores across the globe.

Your property's swimming pool is an essential addition, so it must be kept spotless. However, your pool may quickly become unclean with the help of debris, leaves, and sand. In this case, smart pool cleaners are gaining popularity due to their ability to detect and navigate to specific cleaning locations.[1] Swimming pool cleaning robots offer accuracy in cleaning and reduce human intervention in the process. These features are boosting the adoption of robotic pool cleaners in residential and commercial sectors.[2]

A cleantastic swim in your summer holiday: Meet the newly launched AIRROBO cordless robotic pool cleaner PC100

Fun in the sun, at the beach, and beside the pool are all results of summer holidays. Americans are eager to begin a season of sunlight and swimming as summer approaches. But before you plunge in, keep in mind that fine dust, leaves, sand, and silt left in the pool after it hasn't been used for a while won't do anything good for the water's quality or your health. However, the AIRROBO PC100 scrubs and polishes your pool's wall, floor, and waterline while gulping around the dirt and debris, making auto pool cleaning possible thanks to its cordless design, motion sensors and robust algorithms, navigation chip, and water pump motor with the largest power. This allows you to fully enjoy your time in the pool with the least amount of stress about manually cleaning tasks and the potential risk of tripping and falling with other types of robotic pool cleaners with cords.

Take the most advantage of freedom

The cordless design of the PC100 eliminates the risk of tumbling and automatically cleans your pool by simply switching on and dropping into the water, making your swim ready quickly and providing you with crystal-clear and clean pool experience.

Full coverage above and under

The PC100 scrubs the waterline, wall, and floor of your pool on the strength of self-developed, robust algorithms and exceptionally precise motion sensors, with coverage up to 3100 sq ft (288 sq m) at full battery life, equivalent to two cleaning cycles, for the most typical pool size and shape of a 16 by 32-foot rectangle pool.

The best route for a thorough clean

The brain behind its accuracy is NaviCleanTM Technology, which combines a high-performance positioning and navigation chip with sensors and algorithms. It assesses the dimensions of your pool, locates itself, and employs powerful algorithms to map out the most efficient cleaning path in a zigzag pattern at the depth of the pool up to 3 meters. It is 10 times more efficient than traditional cleaning equipment.

Powerful suction with nothing escaped

With a 188W independent water pump motor, the largest power in its class, the PC100 suctions through the bottom suction port at 55GPM (210LPM) and captures fallen leaves, debris, algae, and fine sand using a professional fine filter. Additionally, the two scrubbing brushes effectively cleanse and polish the walls and floors, providing you with eye-opening cleaning results.

"From house to swimming pool, it's been our mission to introduce high-quality, user-friendly, and intelligent robots to homeowners. Hence, we are proud to announce the AIRROBO PC100 this summer, a cordless robotic pool cleaner with a high standard of cleaning performance and an unparalleled cordless experience at the forefront, and firmly believe that the innovative solutions that make pool maintenance easier will pave a new path for AIRROBO's robots and technologies, like underwater NaviCleanTM technology supported by elite teams of UBTECH Robotics," says Tommy Zhang, General Manager of AIRROBO. "In addition, we're offering summer holiday deals on all products across the globe as a way to celebrate the summer and share love and freedom."

Summer Holiday Deals at AIRROBO

Make a splash; it's a blast! Throughout this summer celebration event, AIRROBO has you covered with fantastic deals on most of its offerings and has you experiencing the marvel of auto cleaning and the charms of smart appliances. Customers can now benefit from substantial discounts up to 60% off over the event on any of the mentioned online stores below or on AIRROBO's official websites, from June 5 to July 5. Deals include:

Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner PC100:

Save $200 on the PC100 on Amazon US after the exclusive code SCEPC100

Save $200 on the PC100 on SHEIN US after the exclusive code PRIVPC1000

Save $200 on the PC100 on AIRROBO US after the exclusive code SCEPC100

Save $170 on the PC100 on Walmart US

AIRROBO Air Purifier AR400:

Save $80 on the AR400 on Walmart US

Save $80 on the AR400 on AIRROBO US

AIRROBO Humidifier HU450:

Save $48 on the HU450 on Walmart US

Save $48 on the HU450 on AIRROBO US

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For more information

Photos, videos, and more on the PC100 and other smart appliances can be found at our media library.

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AIRROBO is a smart home appliance brand with a focus on AI-enabled technologies. Supported by world-leading AI and humanoid robotic company, UBTECH Robotics, AIRROBO is aiming to bring the most cutting-edge technology to more and more households around the globe, making smart home a new norm of life. Find out more at


[1] Spherical Insights (2022). Robotic Pool Cleaner Market Size to grow $ 2,483.50 Mn in 2030 | CAGR 14.10%.[2] Robotic Pool Cleaner (2022). Robotic Pool Cleaner Market Outlook 2031

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